Forum: Relax Covid rules for wedding tea ceremonies

Posed photo" for Chinese Tea Wedding Ceremony.
Posed photo" for Chinese Tea Wedding Ceremony.PHOTO: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

As the Covid-19 situation continues to stabilise and improve in Singapore, could the authorities consider relaxing the guidelines on weddings, that is, increasing the number of visitors per household for tea ceremonies and increasing the number of guests allowed to attend a wedding?

With the current guideline of up to five visitors per household, it is difficult to even conduct a tea ceremony.

The bride or groom (assuming one of them lives in the household) makes up one visitor while the photographer and videographer make up the next two. This leaves the couple with only two other relatives for the tea ceremony.

Although households are smaller these days, there will be other elders who would be left out because of this rule.

The tea ceremony in the Chinese tradition symbolises respect and gratitude of the couple towards their elders, and is also a form of acceptance into each other's family. To deprive the newly married couple and their closest family members of the chance to experience this meaningful tradition is very unfortunate and needs to be urgently relooked.

Moreover, Singapore is slowly relaxing its Covid-19 measures to restart the economy (S'pore to allow bigger Mice events with up to 250 people, Sept 8).

I hope the authorities will consider providing an exception on the limits for gatherings for important events such as weddings.

Lawrence Wee Aik Chye

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