Forum: Clarifying facts of NUS student's case

Yin Zi Qin on Feb 21, 2020.
Yin Zi Qin on Feb 21, 2020.ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW

In The Straits Times report (Sentencing of NUS student who tried to strangle ex-girlfriend sparks public debate, July 27), it was reported that Yin Zi Qin had "trespassed into his former girlfriend's home". This is incorrect.

Yin entered the victim's home with her permission - they entered her bedroom together, by climbing through a window.

Yin was sentenced, among other things, to a short detention order (SDO) for 12 days. Yin will spend the full 12 days of SDO in prison. He will not qualify for any period of remission, unlike a prison sentence.

An SDO carries a disciplinary element and signals to the offender that what he did was serious.

At the same time, it does not eclipse the rehabilitative aim and affords the offender a chance to be reformed into a useful member of society.

It is in the public interest for the Attorney-General's Chambers to clarify the facts of the case to facilitate public understanding and discussions over the matter.

The Ministry of Home Affairs is reviewing the penalty framework.

Tania Koh

Director, Media and Communications Unit

Attorney-General's Chambers

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